The Society offers two types of membership. Firstly, Acting membership which requires an audition for entry and, if successful, entitles you to take part in the Society’s productions on-stage and in any other capacity.

If, however, you are not looking to take part in the productions but would still like to be a member, then we can offer you Non-acting membership. You will be asked to attend a short interview with the committee, although you won’t have to audition. This type of membership is designed primarily for people who want to help out ‘behind the scenes’ which is an absolutely vital part of the Society.

Of course there are also responsibilities attached to membership. As a minimum, the Society expects that all members will:

Still interested? Auditions for acting members are held twice a year, around May and November

Drop us an email:


Our Patrons are vital to the continuing support of WMCS from our local community. Patrons enjoy priority booking to all our productions and are invited to become involved in the social activities of the Society. Membership is £10.00 per year.